South Riding Implants

South Riding Implants

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Single Tooth Implants in South Riding

When you lose a tooth, you’re left with empty space that can seem a lot wider than it really is, especially if it’s a tooth that would otherwise be easily visible when you laugh, smile, or speak. At Nik Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our South Riding implants fill that space, give you back an aesthetically pleasing set of teeth, along with preventing the shifting of your other teeth, possible discomfort, and misaligned jaws that tend to occur.

Why are our South Riding implants superior to traditional bridges? A fixed bridge requires the loss of material from surrounding teeth in order to anchor them effectively. With a removable bridge (otherwise known as a partial denture), there is no such loss, but the adhesive that holds it in is not always 100% dependable. That bridge might move on you when you are talking or chewing your food. Our South Riding implants never will, though. This is due to the fact that they are not simply sitting on top of your gums. An implant is anchored beneath the gums with what amounts to a root. A titanium post is surgically placed as the first component. You jaw tissue grows around it and fuses with it over a period of a few months. A support piece may be added to further stabilize the tooth portion to come, which is represented by a crown made of material that matches your tooth color virtually identically. Your new implant can chew even the toughest or crunchiest foods. It can be brushed and you can floss between it and your other teeth. There is no unusual or separate type of maintenance required, and it can last for many years, and possibly a lifetime.

Call our office to arrange a convenient time to come in for a consultation and examination to determine your suitability for our South Riding implants.

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